Une collection de Romances où l'on reçoit au fur et à mesure des tomes l'histoire de chaque membre d'une famille ou de ceux qui gravitent autour. Cette saga plonge dans ce qui peut détruire ou blesser sans jamais rien éviter pour en ressortir libéré, voire transcendé. Ces récits embrassent toutes périodes du temps, du Moyen-Âge à la Seconde Guerre Mondiale à un Futur proche encore inexistant. 

Les deux premiers volets,  Aux Extrémités de la Terre et Le Seigneur de la Terre, sont disponibles sur Amazon.

Children of the Book, part 1 – Sentinelles

Dittany Fenecci is a bright girl of 18 on the verge of embracing the life she’s been working hard for in order to get out of the harsh environment she grew up in. But her twin sister dies and she decides to leave everything behind. She starts taking care of Max, a very sheltered mute boy of 12. Contract to sign, strict rules, isolation, guardians... Everything around the boy is peculiar, regularly triggering Dittany’s desire to set the boy free. When another frustration drives her to defy the rules and offer him the good time any 12-year-old should enjoy, they come back to a burnt house and murdered helpers. As Dittany realises that the instinctive decision she took saved their lives, she embarks on a journey to protect at all cost the mysterious boy. 

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