I am a light bearer.
I started photography at 18, constantly thriving to find beauty anywhere I would go, always motivated to make people shine.

I am a storyteller. 
I love to gather all the details of your project, I have an eye for new perspectives, colours, moments, and I thrive in giving you back the best of your own work: gorgeous images, whether for this brand to which you give everything and needs to emerge, or the one that you nurture for so many years, whether for a private session that you want to keep for you, or for that splendid love that you want to sing on all roofs, whether for those small objects that you create or for these vast interiors that you like to conceptualize for others...

Whatever the situation, it will be striking and full of Light.

I am a thorough worker.
For major events like weddings, I like to work with a second photographer, it is fundamental for a special day like this, which compile so much emotional intensity and such an amount of preparation that we miss nothing and that we can give back to you a powerful souvenir that will last all your Lives.



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