Welcome to the Way of the Heart

Heal and love yourself back to who you truly are.


** Be the observer **

Together, we dive deep into what you are doing to yourself in your day-to-day life by observing, noticing and acknowledging. We will discern the true origins of the thoughts you entertain, either about you or the world around you, and  learn how to evolve from a constricted/judgmental space to a neutral space

** Heart healing **

During that period, we will love, grieve, sooth and confort your heart, using times of silence, going back into the past up to painful points of origin, a healing that will take effect in the present, soothing your nervous system back to peace. Your body reactions during this month will teach you how to heal and how to love and sooth yourself. I will teach you how to listen, pinpoint where is the reaction, and stop to take the time to see and heal, bringing your system back to love and safety.

** The Way of the Heart **

Long-lasting foundations of self-love through continuous compassion. You start to transmute your story and free yourself from it. You learn to dig into the unlimitedness of who you are and anchor that truth deep into you. By listening to your heart, you will be able to do completely different choices and walk confidently into your new path.

My name is Delphine de Syon,

I have been in a continuous awakening process since august 2011.

Ever since, I decided to dedicate my life as much as possible to silence, and like you, I have been invited to regularly enter new dimensions of awareness. By listening to different Masters and through using several technics of healing, my life transformed radically. 

This program I offer is adapted from 12 years of journeying so far. A unique combination, made availale to you to help you create your own loving and safe journey 'home'. Be sure of one thing: YOU ARE THE HEALER. I am just here to assist you in the process until you don't need me anymore.

With faith in you, 

Delphine de Syon 

// Heart Healing //

Where are you located?

I live on the beautiful Island of Mallorca, in the Baleares in Spain. I am available online as well as on site, in the north of the island. I can also operate from anywhere in the world.

What is it about?

This transformational journey is all about you. Your desire to live a life where Love is your only compass, your desire to be the authentic, energetic and peaceful you.

What are your rates?

After a first half an hour session, we will discuss where you are at in life and I will send you a tailored offer.

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