Long-lasting foundations through continuous compassion.


** Be the observer **

Dive deep into your day-to-day life by observing, noticing and acknowledging your every thoughts and actions. Discern the true origins of the thoughts you entertain, either about you or the world around you. Learn how to come back to a neutral space

** Heart healing **

Together, we will love, grieve, soothe and confort your heart, using times of silence, sometimes going back into the past up to points of origin. That healing will take effect in the present, bringing your nervous system back to peace. You will learn to read and listen to your body' signals as they will teach you how to love yourself. We will listen, see and heal, until we have brought your whole physical system – heart, mind & body – back to love and safety.

**  Heart Anchoring **

During that period of time, we will anchor these new caring and relaxing habits. As you will continue to listen and heal your heart, either with me or on your own, you will be able to do completely different choices and walk confidently into your new path.

After completing the first stage of the Way of the Heart, we will certainly take a very needed break. When and if you want it, you can enter the next stages  of this journey :



The willingness to abide where you aredifferently.



You understand that you are free at all time, acknowledging that you are the very creator of everything you experience in your life. You decide to do whatever it takes to eradicate every misperception, every obstacle to the presence of Love, every limited belief you have ever learned about anyone or anything – especially yourself. 


You allow the unearthing of "uncomfortable" feelings and unacknowledged thoughts that are deemed "bad" in a process called Radical Honesty. It will be a challenging yet pivotal time as you will learn how to love every dimensions and love YOU in your every facets, doing your first steps into unconditional love.


By attuning your mind, emotions and entire nervous system to resonate with Love's perfect presence, you realise what you have always been – a field of loving awareness. You begin to love yourself unlimitedly, starting to experience unlimited loved back. 



Complete surrendering to Love.



Letting go is your cornerstone. You learn to relax and refocus before any action or decision, you learn to choose peace and act from this space only. You learn how to return and maintain a physically relaxed state and always make it a priority.


 You allow your body and your mind to become a channel, a conduit through which you receive guidance every step of the way, knowing that there is no other goal save the extension of Love.


Love has taken you over. You feel, breathe, move in full knowledge that you are a being issued from Love. You trust that Love will always guide you, secure you, hold you. You Love yourself unlimitedly, have understood and experienced that you are loved unlimitedly. You live that truth fully. 

Welcome back !

My name is Delphine de Syon,

This program I offer is adapted from twelve years of journeying into consciousness and self-awareness so far. It is a unique combination, made available to help you create your own loving and safe journey 'home'. 

Be sure of one thing: YOU ARE THE HEALER. 

I am just here to assist you in the process until you don't need me anymore.

With faith in you, 

Delphine de Syon 

// Heart Healing //

Where are you located?

I am based on the Island of Mallorca, in the Baleares in Spain. I am available online as well as on site, in the north of the island. I can also operate from anywhere in the world.

What is it about?

This transformational journey is about YOU. Your desire to live a life where Love is your only compass, your desire to be the authentic, energetic and peaceful you.

What are your rates?

No rates. You give whatever seems right to you.

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